Go / No Go Exam FAQs
  • Q: How will I receive the Go / No Go Exams?

    A: You will receive a registration email that contains a link to click--click it to register using your email as your username and create a password with at least 8 characters including 1 number. You can then always logon at http://www.examzone.com/MyExams

  • Q: Can I see the answers or see which questions I missed?

    A: No.

  • Q: Why not?

    A: That would destroy the integrity of the Go / No Go Exams.

  • Q: Are the questions on the Go / No Go Exams the actual exam questions?

    A: No.

  • Q: Does any test prep company have the actual exam questions?

    A: No, although they will probably claim otherwise.

  • Q: If I pass the Go / No Go exams but fail my actual, do I get my money back?

    A: No.