What people are saying about Examzone
Well after months of study and two failed assaults of the series six exam, and an average score of 55.5 . . .

I was beginning to feel this test was beyond me. But a friend said try your book so after another 30 days and pass the six book mandatory wait time I walked out with over a thirty point jump in scores and a just got you know what grin. I was doing cart wheels. thank you, thank you, thank you. the 6 is so much better in English. Once again thank you.
Brian Wilson
Hi there! Just wanted to say I passed the series 6 today with a 93, thanks in large part to your book. You really put that exciting, chock full of fun material in terms I actually could understand, and could relate to, which made it much less scary. The book was even, dare I say it, funny. Onward to the series 63, and then I sure hope you have a book for the 26 when the time comes. Thanks again.
Barbara W.
Robert, I used the pass the 63 and pass the 6 books for both my exams and they turned out to be better than the material provided by my firm. I scored an 80 on the 6 and an 88 on the 63. Thank you, see you for the 7.
Andrew Johnson
RJust passed the 6 with a 78% - thank you - next is the 63 in about 3 weeks

Love your analogy with Trading Places (I know this is on the 63 disc) - my husband and I watch that movie every Christmas Have a Wonderful Day!!!
Carol Aarsleff
Bob -

Just a quick note to say: thank you. I enjoyed the CDs overall; you made the dry material of the Series 6 and 63 quite bearable. Listening to the CDs before studying the text (of another provider, unfortunately) helped prepare my mind to absorb the material, and then listening after reading helped to sink the info in even deeper. Suffice it to say that I got a 95% on the 6, and 85% on the 63, and I'm very pleased that I had your CDs to aid in the process. I've already closed several trades! I'll recommend your products to other prospective securities reps, to be sure.

Thanks again, and God bless,
Brian Blum, Michigan

Thank you soooooo much for your help on the series 6, I just passed today. Now on to the 63 which I will take in 2 weeks.

You are so kind!
Rob !!!! Just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass the exam with your books and cd's just took it this morning and made an 86 Awesome!!!!
Erik Fernandez
Hi, Well, i finally took my test and passed the 6. I want to thank you -- eliminating the wrong answer (what a concept) worked in my favor -- thank you so much.
Eva Valles