What people are saying about Examzone
Hi Bob, I just passed my Series 65 exam thanks to your materials. I read the book cover to cover (a few times) and took all of the practice exams. I appreciate your humor and clarity of topics such as bond prices. All of the practice questions were useful, except when they weren't :-)

I was making 75 - 80% on the practice exams and earned an 88% on the actual exam.

Scott Grissom, Financial Advisor, Advanced Asset Management, LLC

I passed the 65! I got an 82. I could not have done it without your material. I went in confident. I felt like I really understood the material. The way you taught helped me to understand it rather than just memorize it. I was a little surprised how little information required memorization rather than just simply understanding.

I recommend 'Pass the 65' to anyone who talks to me about the 65. I just referred another guy to you yesterday for the DVD's.

Thanks for making the right material that helped make my studying pay off.

Like you say on the website, now I can move on with my life.

Thanks again.
Paul Anderson
Hey Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my series 65 today. Thank you for all your help. Your webinars were a great help! You were a great help. Thanks
Rosanna G.
Just wanted to say thanks for the great DVD, audio, and test questions. I just ordered your products about a month ago and took the test on the 1st of July...passed. I will say your practice questions were a lot harder than the test but don't tell anyone it was a nice surprise when sitting there taking it. Well done , keep it up and I will be recommending these to everyone I know.

Jeff N., Naples FL
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I passed the Series 65 today!!! Yippee!!!!

Leaving on a short-term mission trip tomorrow with my 13 yr old daughter....now I can focus on the MORE important things in life!

Your material was great! I loved the humor...it kept me awake!
Robert Rea, CRFA
The results are in, and it's an 82. The first 20-30 questions were a breeze, and then I started getting the fun stuff. A number of questions covered information I don't remember reading, but I relied on the Walker Strategy (and, yes, you can use that term), and strategized. I tried to give you a call this morning to thank you personally, but you weren't available. Anyways, I contribute my passing grade to your materials and support as well as your swift email responses to my many delusional questions. I probably studied at least 60 hours—which is more than they say you need to—but the securities world was new to me, and I hate to fail. Well, I am off to another bigger challenge, the CFP. I start the first week of July, and I sure hope those people have similar teaching and explanatory skills. If you prefer, I can fax you a copy of my scores if you keep those for any reason. I had my 28th birthday yesterday, and all I wanted was to pass the 65. Thanks again for everything and for running a top-notch company.

Ian S.
Mr. Walker,

When I took the 65 for the first time I failed using other materials. Then, I ordered the Pass the 65 book and CD's from the website and listened to the free conference calls every week. When I took it again I passed with a 75 with an hour left to go! What a difference your material made! Thank you so much for all the help.
Renee Holcomb, Hattiesburg, Mississippi