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Training Materials for the Operations Professional Exam


Pass The 99™ Success Program

What do you get with the "Pass The 99™ Success Program"?  

The most user-friendly, comprehensive study package for the Series 99 exam!

  • Textbook - Follows the FINRA Outline point by point
  • Online Practice Question Bank (over 500 unique questions updated regularly)

Includes 6 Months of Online access Practice Question Bank


Price: $110.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 99 Practice Exam Question Bank

Looking for some challenging practice questions that closely mimic the actual exam?

Although our book and audio lectures are kind and gentle, our Pass The 99™ Practice Questions are the opposite, just like the actual Series 99 Exam.

Luckily, we don't just write difficult questions - we write detailed answer explanations. By reviewing the correct answer you learn important concepts necessary to pass the Series 99.

The 500+ unique questions are presented in 3 separate practice finals of 100 questions each, plus quizzes on each of the 3 major exam sections.

  • Includes 6 Months of access to the Online Practice Question Bank.

Price: $65.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 99™ Textbook

Need a Series 99 textbook you can easily understand?

We've got what you're looking for! Our Pass the 99™ Textbook covers the information tested on the Series 99 in a whole new language — English. Our Plain English explanations save you time and increase the effectiveness of your study schedule.

Why struggle with dense, hard-to-read textbooks when our book covers the same material in a way you can easily follow?

Price: $55.00 Quantity: 

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