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Pass The SIE™ Success Program
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What do you get with the "Pass The SIE™ Success Program"?

The most user-friendly, comprehensive study package for the SIE exam! Included in this industry-leading program:

  • Exam Manual
  • Online Practice Question Bank
  • Streaming Video Lessons
  • Streaming Audio Lessons
  • Digital Study Plan

Includes 6 Months of access to the Online Practice Question Bank

Price: 129.00 USD Quantity: 
Pass The SIE™ Online Only Bundle

Already using a SIE textbook? Fill any comprehension gaps with our Online Bundle.

  • Online Practice Question Bank (over 750 unique practice questions updated regularly)
  • Streaming Video Lessons (over 8 hours of video to help you understand complex concepts)
  • Streaming Audio Lessons (over 7 hours of streaming audio lessons)
  • Digital Study Plan

Includes 6 Months of Online Access

Price: 79.95 USD Quantity: 
Pass The SIE™ License Exam Manual

Looking for an SIE textbook you can easily understand? We've got what you're looking for!

Our Pass the SIE™ license exam manual covers the information tested on the SIE in a whole new language — English. Our Plain English explanations save you time and increase the effectiveness of your study schedule.

Why struggle with dense, hard-to-read textbooks when our manual covers the same material in a way you can easily follow?

Buy the most up-to-date version of the book below or read a sample by clicking HERE

Price: 49.95 USD Quantity: 

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