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Pass The 99™ Success Program

What's in the "Pass The 99 Success Program"?

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  • Pass The 99 Textbook (Be sure you're getting the most recent version, direct from us!)
    * Updated to reflect the new FINRA Series 99 Exam Outline *
  • Pass The 99 Online Practice Question Bank (over 500 unique practice questions updated regularly)
  • Includes 6 Months of access to the Online Practice Question Bank
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Pass The 99 Practice Exam Question Bank

Although our book is kind and gentle, our practice questions are tricky and rude, just like the actual Series 99 exam. Luckily, we don't just write difficult questions - we write detailed explanations that teach you important information you'll need to know to pass the Series 99. The approximately 500+ unique questions are presented in three separate practice finals of 100 questions each, plus quizzes on each of the 3 exam sections. The answer choices are randomized, which cuts down on the dangerous trap of memorizing practice questions. Track your score and deal with the tick-tick-ticking of the little clock... just like at the testing center! Includes 6 Months of access to the Online Practice Question Bank.

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Pass The 99™ Textbook

Pass the 99™ covers the crucial information related to the Series 99 in a whole new language — English. Our Plain English explanations save you time and increase the effectiveness of your study schedule. Our use of humor allows you to stay focused long enough to absorb the tricky concepts related to the Series 99 exam. In short, this is the one Series 99 book that you can read and understand without falling asleep or losing your sanity.

Pass the 99™ is organized along the FINRA exam outline but written in Plain English. There are plenty of practice questions throughout the book to test your knowledge of the topics you have covered. Enhance the power of the material by purchasing the Success Program, or use our book as a key to unlock whatever it is your supervisor handed you a few weeks or months ago.


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