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Pass The 66™ Success Program

What do you get with the "Pass The 66™ Success Program"?  

The most user-friendly, comprehensive study package for the Series 66 exam!

  • Exam Manual - Easiest to read, easiest to understand and easiest to pass with
  • Practice Question Bank - quizzes & exams, questions updated regularly
  • Streaming Audio Lessons (downloable lessons covering major areas of the exam
  • Training Videos - an on-demand class covering content from the major areas of exam
  • Test-Taking Strategies Videos - focus on practice questions to prep you for the test
  • 2 Go/No Go Exams - determines if you are ready to take the Series 66 Exam
  • Online Interactive Study Plan - helps you customize your schedule and guide you through the most effective way to study and pass

Includes 6 Months of Online access (Practice Question Bank, Audio Lessons, Training Videos, Test-Taking Strategies Videos & Go/No Go Exams)

Price: $255.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Online Only Bundle

Already using a Series 66 textbook? Fill any comprehension gaps with our Online Bundle.

  • Online Practice Question Bank (over 1,000 unique questions updated regularly)
  • Streaming Audio Lessons
  • Online Training Videos
  • Test-Taking Strategies Videos
  • 2 Go/No Go Exams (determines if you are ready to take the Series 66 Exam)

Includes 6 Months of Online Access

Price: $195.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Practice Exam Question Bank

Looking for some challenging practice questions that closely mimic the actual exam?

Although our book and audio lectures are kind and gentle, our Pass The 66™ Practice Questions are the opposite, just like the actual Series 66 Exam.

Luckily, we don't just write difficult questions - we write detailed answer explanations. By reviewing the correct answer you learn important concepts necessary to pass the Series 66.

The approximately 1,000 unique questions are presented in eight separate practice finals of 130 questions each, plus quizzes on each of the 4 major exam sections.

  • Includes 6 Months of Online Access
  • Most effective when used with the "Pass The 66™ Success Program" above.

Price: $95.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Online Training Videos

Learn the Series 66 in a whole new language. . .  English, on your schedule, at your pace.

Each 2 hour training session provides you with a fun, unique, thorough way of learning the often difficult Series 66 material. With a big focus on step-by-step test-taking methods, we make the material come alive and show you how to apply it to potential exam questions.

  • Includes 6 Months of Online Access
  • Most effective when used with the "Pass The 66™ Success Program" above.

Price: $90.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Test-Taking Strategies Online Training Videos

Do you understand the Series 66 concepts, but still get practice questions wrong?

In this video lecture series, we show you how to break down the toughest Series 66 Questions, so you get the correct answer every time!
Spend over 10 Hours in 8 class sessions with Robert Walker, author of "Pass The 66 Success Program," to understand the nuances of breaking down the exam questions to get to the correct answer.

  • Includes 6 Months of Online Access
  • Most effective when used with the "Pass The 66™ Success Program" above.

Price: $75.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Listen-And-Learn Streaming Audio Lectures

Prefer audio books over reading?

Many candidates learn more from listening to lectures than reading textbooks. How much time do you spend commuting each day? Why not spend that time learning Series 66 material?

You'll get over 2.5 Hours of streaming audio lecture, allowing you to re-listen to trouble spots and also skip over sections that you have already learned. REQUIRES AN INTERNET CONNECTION ON YOUR PC OR MOBILE DEVICE.

  • Most effective when used with the "Pass The 66™ Success Program" above.

Price: $55.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Go / No Go Exams

Unsure if you are ready to take the Series 66, and pass?

We wish that we could give you a definite answer, but that is not possible. What we can do is give you a very good idea of your readiness. Select Qty 1 below to take one or both of the 50-question "Go / No Go" exams. You will not get answers to the questions--only a raw score. Just like the actual exam.

If you score at least an 80%, you have a very high chance of passing the Series 66. Results are not--and can not--be guaranteed, because no one knows which 100 questions you'll see at the exam center. But, we have matched the content covered and difficulty level as closely as possible.

  • Includes 6 Months of Online Access  Go/No Go FAQ
  • Most effective when used with the "Pass The 66™ Success Program" above.

Price: $50.00 Quantity: 
Pass The 66™ Textbook

Need a Series 66 textbook you can easily understand?

We've got what you're looking for! Our Pass the 66™ license exam manual covers the information tested on the Series 66 in a whole new language — English. Our Plain English explanations save you time and increase the effectiveness of your study schedule.

Why struggle with dense, hard-to-read textbooks when our manual covers the same material in a way you can easily follow?

Buy the book below or read a sample by clicking HERE

Price: $65.00 Quantity: 

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